Staying Active - Over 50's

The Oasis Aquatic Centre run aqua fitness and gentle exercise classes that are specifically designed for people aged over 50.

The classes will be led by qualified fitness instructors and will focus on developing strength and balance to prevent falls and improve heart health.

Water-based activities will improve participant's cardiovascular fitness, whilst land-based classes aim to improve their load-bearing capabilities.

It's a great way for older people to improve their health, which in turns helps to maintain an independent lifestyle. The classes will have a fun and social atmosphere and it's important that people of all fitness levels feel welcome to come along.

By giving participants a regular opportunity to be socially active, the classes will be great for mental health as well as physical well being.

Land based gym class in Workout:

Tuesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm
Thursdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

For further information contact Oasis on 69269390

Program Prices

Casual PricesFees
Land based program$10.00
Water based program$10.00
Oasis Membership Card Admission$8.00
Vouchers - Adult PricesFees
20 Adult Program Vouchers$220.00
10 Adult Program Vouchers$120.00
Vouchers - Concession PricesFees
20 Concession Card Holders / Students / Child Program Vouchers$150.00
10 Concession Card Holders / Students / Child Program Vouchers10 $90.00
 20 (current member) Program Vouchers $130.00
 10 (current member) Program Vouchers$75.00