Wonder 3 - 36+ - children in water without a parent

The Swim and Survive Program 

Wonder 3 - Stage 5 & 6 - (36+ parents out of the water)


Getting Wet

  1. With support, enter the water using a slide in entry and hold onto the pool edge
  2. With minimal assistance, attempt to climb out independently
  3. With support, safely jump into the water from a standing position towards the teacher and return to the wall ready to exit.
  4. Exit the water safely unassisted


  1.  Blow bubbles in water with the face fully submerged.
  2. Blow bubbles with face fully submerged, take a breath and repeat the sequence.

Going underwater

With encouragement, initiate own submersion for short distance and recover.


Staying Afloat

With assistance, hold a controlled back float for a period of 5 seconds and recover to a secure position.


Keeping Balance

With assistance, rotate body in vertical position whilst holding a floatation aid.


Kick & Arm Action

With support, combine leg and arm movements.