Wonder 2 - Stage 3 - 13 - 16 months

The Swim and Survive program

 Wonder 2 - Stage 3 - (13-16 months)

 Getting Wet

1.    With Support, lean forward, reach for carer's shoulders and enter the water from a seated position.

2.    Hand walk along the pool edge with assistance



 Imitate the blowing of bubbles on the surface of the water.


Going Underwater

1.    Demonstrate readiness for submersion.

2.    Experience being gently submerged by carer towards themselves


Staying Afloat

1.    With assistance, float on the back with head on carers shoulder. Keeping Balance


Keeping Balance

Experience body rotation in a vertical position.


Kick and arm action

  1. Move legs up and down with carer encouragement (kick, kick)
  2. Experience reaching for objects and pulling through the water